Vincent, Switzerland

A propos de Mahatma Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh: Je cherchais une formation de professeur de Yoga à Rishikesh qui soit reconnue, qui propose une pratique traditionnelle emprunte de dévotion, en groupe de petite taille et qui me permette, à la fin d’avoir toutes les bases nécessaires pour une pratique personnelle approfondie ...Read More »

Emma Wiltshire, sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia

Mahatma yoga foundation in Rishikesh is a beautiful institute and the teachers are warm, helpful, peaceful and incredibly knowledgeable. I went to rishikesh in 2010 and attended yoga classes for the 3 months I was in rishikesh. Yoga class was every morning and evening, during this time I also took ...Read More »

Truike Boekholt-Daly

Teaching Locations:

Truike Boekholt New

Sadak Ankit Karola

Teaching Locations:
Sadak Ankit Karola Rishikesh
Sadak Ravi dixit

Teaching Locations:

Sadak Ravi dixit

Yogi sadak Ajay

Teaching Locations:
Sadak Ajay Bijalwan?Rishikesh
Yogi ji

Teaching Locations:

Sadak Yogi ji

Reiki healing and Reiki Courses

I took the Reiki 1 course with Yogi Ji in 2011 and had a wonderful time learning about this healing art with him by the Ganges River. I’ve since visited Mahatma Ashram several times, and love the serene atmosphere and beautiful setting. Yogi Ji is committed to the path and ...Read More »

Yoga Course in Rishikesh

Namaste. I spent one week at Mahatma Yoga Foundation last October. It was nothing short of a dream come true. Rishikesh was undoubtedly the most perfect place for me to center myself and Mahatma was better than I’d ever imagined. The yoga and teachers were sensational. The environment was loving ...Read More »

Yoga Retreat in celebrity porn Rishikesh

Hello !! I came to the Ashram Mahatma because I wished to make a kind of retreat, finally take the time to observe deep into myself. The ashram takes place directly in front of the Ganges, ideal refuge for meditation. The meeting with Yogi Ji determined especially my motivation to ...Read More »

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